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The programme aims to alleviate the poverty we need to put our efforts from grass root level i.e.  Rural population of India is the main target group to initiate the action, the survey says:

The nine important measures which should be taken to reduce poverty in India are as follows: 1. Accelerating Economic Growth 2. Agricultural Growth and Poverty Alleviation 3. Speedy Development of Infrastructure 4. Accelerating Human Resource Development 5. The growth of Non-Farm Employment 6. Access to Assets 7. Access to Credit 8. Public Distribution System (PDS) 9. Direct Attack on Poverty: Special Employment Schemes for the Poor. And while addressing it has been emphasizing the issues further recommended with reasons as follows:

(i) Population Control:

Population in India has been increasing rapidly. The growth rate of population is 1.8%. For removal of poverty the growth rate of the population should be lowered.

(ii) Increase in Employment:

Special measures should be taken to solve the problems of unemployment and disguised unemployment. Agriculture should be developed. Small-scale and cottage industries should be developed in rural areas to generate employment.

(iii) Equal distribution of Income:

The mere increase in production and control on population growth will not remove poverty in India. It is necessary that inequality in the distribution of income should be reduced.

(iv)  Regional poverty:

In States like Orissa, Nagaland, U.P, and Bihar etc. the percentage of the poor to the total population is high. Govt. should give special concession for investment in these regions. More PSU’s should be established in these states.

(v) Problem of Distribution:

The public distribution system (PDS) should be strengthened to remove poverty. The poor section should get food grains at subsidized rates and in ample quantity.

(vi)  Fulfilment of minimum needs of the Poor:

Govt. should take suitable steps to meet minimum needs of the poor e.g., a supply of drinking water and provision of primary health centers and primary education.

(vii) Increase in the productivity of the Poor:

To remove poverty, it is necessary to increase the productivity of the poor. The poor should be given more employment. More investment should be made in public and private sectors to generate employment.

(viii) Changes in techniques of Production:

India should adopt labor-intensive techniques of production. We should have technical development in our economy in such a way that labor resources could be fully employed.

(ix) Stability in Price Level:

Stability in prices helps to remove poverty. If prices continue to rise, the poor will become poorer. So Govt. should do it best to keep the prices under control.

(x) Development of Agriculture:

The agriculture should be developed to remove poverty. The rapid rate of growth of agriculture production will help to remove urban as well as rural poverty. Agriculture should be mechanized and modernized. Marginal farmers should be given financial assistance.

(xi) Increase in the rate of growth:

The slow rate of growth is the main cause of poverty. So growth rate must be accelerated. In 2003-04 the growth rate has been 6.5% despite that 26% of the population remains below the poverty line.