NIDS-SATYA – National Institute of Developmental Studies

NIDS-SATYA has got the great capacity to deal project development segment and project operations & management both. Since SATYA has done mass no. of projects and programmes with Government of India, Non-Government Institutions and International Funding agencies including CSR clients in dealing with as Project Research & Development Consultant

Research studies, Project Development Management, Consultancy assignments – with regard to facilitation and support to implementing agencies/partners/clients directly through social studies, Market research studies, business research studies andsurveys, etc. including Academic & Institutional Research support.

NIDS-SATYA as Project Operational & Management consultant in action on direct implementation of the project through –  as technical/managerial backstopping unit supports,  project implementing process  and improvement management, capacity buildings etc., through application of tools and techniques suggested by recommendations of project development management for project implementation, including academic & institutional support towards client’s growth as well as organizational growth itself through formulation of wings in order to perform appropriately and in order to produce desired output and to capacitate direct and indirect stakeholders, awareness generation, IEC model or other implementation models.

Our HR consultant panel-team comprising with academicians – subject experts –  socio technical experts – managerial and technical experts – and others within organization with 14-15 years of experience in the given manner  143 main staff across the world-globally – 13 subject specific expert, 12 ICT Technical experts, 34 Technical Experts, 39 Managerial Expert, 51 Social Technical Expert, 1240 Grassroot level workers, and 4300 volunteers, are putting combined efforts in to action in performing developmental and operational issues.

NIDS-SATYA has graced with appreciation, reward, awards from our partners and government partners and within our networking partners NGOs, CBOs, Corporate, including grassroot level community coordinators and others approximately 24,500. We have conceived and successfully implemented approximately 116 projects under PMC model of project development segment and approximately 291 projects under the operational segment of NIDS-SATYA.

Satya is having its operations in 10 country sites across the world and 6 states in India. If we talk about infrastructure, it is self-explanatory – having 45 offices across the world with 160 computers, more than 50 software’s including GIS, more than 40 vehicles and other GPS and DGPS machines tools, its own land & buildings having institutional set up including conference hall and more than 20 rooms for residential trainings and other purposes.

NIDS-SATYA’s financial viability depicts good corpus fund and sound bank balance to carry out projects/programmes-due payments smoothly achieving market- department, client, partners and others credibility and goodwill.

NIDS-SATYA – has achieved international recognition in the field of Surrogacy, national recognition from various Ministries and has been rewarded with letter of appreciation from Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Ministry of Drinking water & Sanitation- Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and received award by Honorable High Court of Rajasthan.