A Research Consultancy & Implementing Agency of Institutional & Developmental Sector


SATYA approach is to deal the programs-projects in an integrated way and believes in effective social networking of available and requisite resources, through integrated planning and community participation. It operates through a set combination strategy, which includes research, interpretation of findings, designing practical strategies and effective implementation to achieve desired goals.


SATYA provides end-to-end solutions that leverage cutting edge socio- technical and system management with specific methodology for community based model programme/projects linkaging and facilitating with government social welfare schemes under CSR mechanism. We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where corporate not only need to expend @ 2% of their profit mandatorily but also may realize its value for cost as a social investment which will also help them building their social image resulting help in enhance of their business grow. Our approach focuses on combining innovation and adoption as partners in development. We associate and empanel with a large number of technical and academic institutions and individuals, and management organisations/ individuals to develop innovative and advance proposals – project considering global scenario and specific arrangements considering social research aspects that produces relevant project dynamically fit for the particular corporate organisation / client, in other words it provides value for investment against social component of the corporate responsibility.



We cater project management consultancy and project development that includes implementation services with regard to research, survey, studies or grassroot level project implementation for social welfare schemes from central govt and state govt as well. The project and programme development under EOI or Bid or any other means and provisions are delivered as per prescribed grant of particular project .the department also does developmental work to support the social Arena for the benefit of under privileged community .we develop the TOR document ad RFP in accordance with specific need of the programme or project under policy framework considering rules and norms.


SATYA holds leadership and flagship for governing organizing programme /projects under NGO consultancy providing services for proposal, project management, legal registration etc. apart from support management and services with regard to development and implementation both. Moreover to this Satya provides support fund in order to help micro level NGOs and facilitate them in bringing up them to come up at the main stream of the NGO society.

SATYA calls upon all the well-meaning conscientious to join hand with us in the cause of social reconstruction. You are invited to contribute your heart and mind, your energy and enthusiasm, your skills and expertise – with time and resources, howsoever small, with any or more of our activities. Your role very much as a volunteer, along with a professional or a specialist is welcome. Various NGOs, INGOs, the corporate sector, and the civil society are invited to collaborate with us towards a just and humane society. Your enthusiasm and zeal to work for the noble cause and purpose find a platform where you shall be able to fulfil your unfulfilled needs and desires and utilize your potential to the edge.


SATYA being Academic and Research organization innovates program model of establishing various centres in the field of water & sanitation, child, surrogacy, agriculture, education and livelihood and such centres cater for counselling, mentoring, ToT (training of trainers), and providing help and support towards various information including providing forms, formats and other help to the common community and population in general.