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Satya-RESOURCE CENTER  has developed a model programme considering the fact that CSR grants are there in India but in absence of proper integrated approach  the grants have been becoming no use and the funds utilised or disbursed just to complete the CSR budget target et , it is also felt the need of integrated programme approach and system infrastructure development along with group partnering in the direction to utilized funds allocated for the noble cause and purposes  -under such programmes towards getting desired outputs ,that means the realization of govt of  India’s initiative through CSR  in desired , right and correct manner and also to ensure funds spending on target population in appropriate manner through` single window` system approach ( A platform where CSR players-donor can  select various nature of proposal/project and other hand  NGO/trusts can get the opportunity in getting funds for their project in accordance with meeting out or quenching Govt thrust towards true nature of programme and its  implementation through right people and right model of project under corporate social responsibility programmes in india ) which also ensures equal opportunity to the stakeholders (social association /group /individual )to serve in specific nature of the demand and with broader coverage having certified programme model  ,it also ensures in avoiding ambiguity in developing pilot project model etc .by NGO at micro level , because it helps them developing proposal /project under one roof and integrated manner considering policy , schemes and programme of Govt of India –including State Govt  specific  programmes objectives  , therefore the  specific needs for specific location for single objectives which is matching  and complementing the objectives of the programmes of the Govt.t of India or State Govt. may be served properly and realized to achieve by desired manner .