Dr. Sanjay Agarwal- Chairman

In the year 2018-19, you all have witnessed extra ordinary growth of SATYA Institute of Social in terms of quality and quantity both. At one level, increase in project numbers and on other hand financial escalation is realized tremendously. It became possible only by your contribution for noble social cause and volunteers apart from our clients (Government, Non-Government & CSR etc.)

The challenges on our front is to make growth more inclusive and sustainable that enhance the skills of our partner through support action & project management at one end and on the other side it reduces inequality and gaps in implementation of services by agency/NGO/other channels.

We are learning through experience thus hoping for a better living condition and better living opportunity for rural community, farmers, women, children and rest of the community and to serve all the segments of the community through conducting various programmes, mainly for water and sanitation, child protection, women empowerment, livelihood, education, surrogacy around the world. We can see remarkable evidence of human progress. Working together with our clients & our implementation partners, there have been significant advances in development scenarios in India, many hundred children go to school. Rural household got tap connection at their doorstep for drinking water, and many hundred student are getting higher education thus job opportunity, women have greater opportunities to realize their potential, the government schemes, over all achieving their goals.  The implementation partners have become strengthen through consultancy & project management support, in nutshell communities are living in better conditions.

As we are facilitating towards a better environment for their growth creating opportunities through enabling them to think upon and to grow independently and in case of deprived section of the society empowering through intervening direct implementation, and on the other hand supporting our clients through direct/indirect consultancy and facilitation in implementation in nutshell in helping them to deal with their programme objectives as ease.

The report is the detailed document of the endeavours, the achievements & outcomes of the programme, it also highlights Satya’s capability, capacity & ability to work. As an innovator, a thought leader, development & implementation partner.


Dr. Sanjay Agarwal